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Ownership Structure

Eolus has two share classes: Class A shares and Class B shares. Approximately 35,000 shareholders have chosen to invest in Eolus. The largest owners are Domneåns Kraftaktiebolag and Hans-Göran Stennert. 

10 largest shareholders
NameClass A sharesClass B sharesTotal no. of shares% of capital% of votes
Domneåns Kraftaktiebolag370,1501,992,9252,363,0759,5%15,6%
Hans-Göran Stennert, privately and through endowment insurance380,100606,354986,4544,0%12,1%
Åke Johansson202,120400,000602,1202,4%6,6%
Hans Johansson and Borgunda Bygghandel, through companies189,52040,418229,9380,9%5,3%
Avanza Pension01,247,0061,247,0065,0%3,4%
Clearstream Banking S.A., W8IMY0436,600436,6001,8%1,2%
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB500406,813407,3131,6%1,1%
Ingvar Svantesson40,0006,50046,5000,2%1,1%
Andra AP-Fonden0396,932396,9321,6%1,1%
Lannebo Sverige Hållbar0388,375388,3751,6%1,1%
Other shareholders102,23517,700,45217,802,68771,5%51,3%
Total numbers of shares1,284,62523,622,37524,907,000100.0%100.0%
Updated as of 2023-12-31.
Size classes
IntervalsNo. of sharesPercentage of capital, %No. of shareholders % of number of shareholders
501-1 0001,144,3174,6%1,4814,4%
1 001-5 0002,708,79010,9%1,2333,7%
5 001-10 0001,326,8955,3%1760,5%
10 001-15 000565,6992,3%490,1%
15 001-20 000537,9582,2%270,1%
20 00116,256,29865,3%1360,4%
Updated as of 2023-12-31.

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