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Why invest in Eolus

Eolus is a leading developer of innovative and tailor-made solutions for renewable energy. We offer attractive and sustainable investments in selected markets in the Nordic region, Europe and the US. We are part of the entire value chain, from the development of early-phase projects to the construction and deployment of renewable energy assets. For more than three decades, we have worked toward a future where everyone can live a rich and sustainable life.

Eolus has a large and growing project portfolio comprising wind power, solar power and energy storage projects. We develop projects from scratch – on our own, or in partnerships – and also acquire projects in various phases of development. Our solid knowledge in the development and establishment of renewable energy facilities makes us a stable and reliable partner for our customers, and we also offer asset management services for the facilities.

Jenåsen Wind Farm, Sundsvall, Sweden
Energy transition a central part of a sustainable future

The energy transition is a central part of the solution to the climate crisis. The phase-out of fossil energy, the electrification of large parts of society and the end to the dependency on Russian oil and gas will require enormous additions of electricity generation from renewable sources.

The rapid transition of the energy market is being driven not only by environmental considerations and political ambitions, but also by economic factors. In more and more markets, renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, are cheapest to install per megawatt-hour generated. Due to rapid technological advances combined with substantial cost reductions, renewables are the new normal in many countries.

This is creating major opportunities for Eolus as a developer of renewable energy facilities. An investment in Eolus is an investment in the energy transition.

Positioned for growth

Eolus’s business plan for 2022–2024 states that Eolus will grow in all technologies and in all of our markets. The plan’s targets are ambitious and formulated to unlock the potential of the energy transition, while we will also benefit from Eolus’s long experience. We also evaluate new technologies and markets on a continuous basis.

We are expanding considerably in terms of projects and employees. Eolus’s core business is project development and our employees are a key resource in this regard. We continuously expand the organization and are engaged in developing the company culture and leadership. We have built a strong organization that continues to develop in order to unlock the potential of the energy transition. We also bring the combined experience built up during our more than 30 years in the industry.

Strong project portfolio spread between technologies and markets

A large, diverse and high-quality project portfolio is essential for our continued growth and success. By diversifying both our technologies and our markets, we are reducing risk and creating favorable conditions for unlocking a range of business opportunities. Eolus’s project portfolio comprises wind, solar, storage and hybrid projects in various phases. Moving forward, solar or wind combined with hydrogen production will also be an interesting option. Eolus also collaborates with various development partners in certain projects.

The projects are located in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the US and Spain. We also evaluate project opportunities in Norway, where Eolus has carried out a number of projects in the past.

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Financial Goals

Explore our business plan for expansion in all technologies and in all of our markets.

Business Concept

We are shaping renewable energy solutions of the future and enabling sustainable investments.


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