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Sustainability Strategy

Setting a New Standard

By now, we all know it. The world is getting warmer, ecosystems are disrupted, and extreme weather is becoming the new normal. Climate change is very real. For over thirty years Eolus has been envisioning a future where you can lead a good life within the planetary boundaries. And although the planet is still getting warmer, Eolus has come a long way. Now we want to do even more.

In reaching the climate goals and preserving our ecosystems we need to work together. Because it’s all connected. Solving these challenges is not an easy task, but starting now, we will make it happen. So, we’re setting concrete goals, taking on three specific sustainability targets – climate, biodiversity, and community engagement.

Three Catalysts for a Renewable Future

What we do at Eolus is vital for achieving the climate goals. By harvesting the power of wind and sun we are already contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. However, the establishment and construction of wind turbines, solar panels and batteries still causes greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is that our climate impact shall be non-existent, simply put – we want to run a net zero business throughout all operations.

Biodiversity, or the variety of life on earth, is closely related to our climate target. A decline in biodiversity can disrupt food chains leading to imbalances, potentially causing population declines or entire species going extinct. We all rely on healthy ecosystems to live a good life, both animals and humans. So, making a net positive impact on our collective ecosystems is crucial for us in the years to come.

Taking on these big challenges starts right here. Where we stand. It is together, by involving and respecting the people who live and work close to our project areas, that we can shape the future. Sometimes the interests of our stakeholders may be contradictory and to succeed we need to agree on every new venture. That’s why dialogue is so important to us. That’s why our community engagement is so fundamental.

Turning Words into Action

These three target areas will guide each step we take going forward. As crucial parts of our core business they will serve as stepping stones in reducing our ecological footprint. Every day, in everything we do. By 2040 we aim to reach a state of net zero emissions, achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity and being the preferred renewable energy actor in local communities by 2030.

Our vision is to enable a renewable future where everyone can lead a fulfilling, yet sustainable life. To make this happen we need to break down our ambitious goals, dividing them into smaller, achievable parts. That’s why our three target areas – climate, biodiversity, and community engagement – will make a huge difference. Both in the daily work of our employees, and ultimately for the good of all life on this planet. Because small steps can make a big difference.

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