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Sustainability Governance

To enable a sustainable energy transition, businesses need to operate in a responsible manner. This means that Eolus requires our employees, as well as partners and suppliers, to act according to good business ethics. A solid governance structure, with clear requirements and expectations, distinct values, and collaboration are crucial to enable this. Eolus aims to be a demanding yet caring partner, transparent and responsible.

Governance and Organization

Eolus’ board has the overarching responsibility for ensuring that the company is managed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The daily responsibility for sustainability has been delegated to the CEO, who is responsible for implementing the board’s decisions and strategies. The management team is responsible for the development and monitoring of strategy, priorities, guidelines, and decisions within the sustainability area. Eolus’ communication and sustainability manager is part of the management team, ensuring that sustainability is integrated into decisions and operations. Additionally, Eolus’ legal counsel and HR manager have important roles in the company’s sustainability governance and are part of the management team. Eolus also has two sustainability specialists and an HSE coordinator who work together with the HR function to integrate sustainability aspects into the organization. Responsibility for implementing the strategy and achieving our goals has been distributed across various roles as depicted below.

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