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Eolus acquires first onshore wind project in Poland

Eolus has acquired a Polish onshore wind project in early-stage development.

The project, located in southwestern Poland, is Eolus’ first onshore wind project in Poland and is planned to be ready for construction in 2028. Land leases are secured for 86 MW and the ambition is to further expand the project to at least 100 MW. This is an important step for Eolus, since focus in Poland up until now has been on large scale development of solar power.

The project was acquired from our partner Horizons and further development and construction will be carried out jointly by Eolus and Horizons. Eolus has earlier acquired around 300 MW of large-scale solar projects from Horizons. With their long and solid experience with the development of wind power and RES-development in Poland, Horizons are a strategic partner for Eolus on the Polish market.

The project is dependent on amendment of the 10H-rule in Poland, a law which regulates the minimum distance from a wind power turbine to the closest residential buildings.

This acquisition of an onshore wind project is a milestone, both for Eolus Poland and in our co-operation with Horizons. We believe that the potential for onshore wind power in Poland is very large, that is why the amendment of the 10H-rule will be crucial to speed up the energy transition process in Poland and secure energy safety in these uncertain times. With this investment we confirm our belief in the further development of onshore wind in Poland”, says Daniel Larsson, Country Manager at Eolus Poland.

“The acquisition of a wind farm in development as well as further cooperation around this project with Eolus is the best example of Horizons’ strategic activities. With its activity in Poland, Eolus is proving long term strategy and engagement in the market” says Michał Prażyński, CEO at Horizons.

Eolus’ total portfolio of renewable energy projects under development in Poland is more than 1GW.

Pawel Maciejewski

Head of Development Poland


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