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Welcome to Eolus – a dynamic and expanding organization comprising a passionate group of more than 120 employees with offices in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia and the US. Our flat structure and focus on commitment create an environment where our dedicated personnel thrive.

Read more about our various departments, which together form the foundation of our work. 

Origination acts as a starting point for potential projects as we actively explore new business opportunities in established and new markets.

We use detailed analyses of markets and areas to evaluate opportunities to develop wind, solar and energy storage. Through dialogue and agreements with landowners, we guarantee access to promising areas where renewable energy can be developed in harmony with other community interests.

When a contract has been signed with a landowner, project development begins and the project idea is put into practice.

Through close collaboration and in consultation with the general public, authorities and other stakeholders, we perform extensive studies and inventories required in the permitting process. We study everything from the cultural environment to nature conservation values, taking into account co-existence with nearby areas, nature and wildlife. In parallel, we optimize technical aspects such as construction layout, energy production and grid connection to create the best solution for the particular location. The permit application is submitted along with an environmental impact assessment and is assessed by the relevant authorities, such as the county administrative boards and the Land and Environment Court.

With an approved permit in our hands, our commercial team takes the next step to realize the project and initiates a dialogue with potential investors and manufacturers of wind turbines, solar panels or storage solutions.

In dialogue with the manufacturers, we fine-tune our preparations ahead of the upcoming construction. We also match projects with potential investors and explore opportunities for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

For more information about the different types of customers and investors in our diverse projects and facilities, read here.

Our construction function, made up of electrical engineers and construction project managers, guides projects through the construction and delivery phase, during which we manage project construction on behalf of the customer. We serve as the client in interactions with the project’s contractors, grid installation engineers and other suppliers.

Whether it concerns wind, solar or storage, we manage everything from road construction, foundations and grid to assembly and deployment of the facilities. Through careful planning and surveillance, we ensure the project stays on time and budget and is of the highest quality.

Explore our projects currently under construction.

When the project is completed, Eolus often takes care of asset management for the completed facilities on behalf of the owner. This is carried out by our subsidiary Eolus Wind Power Management (EWPM). We ensure compliance with service agreements by maintaining close contact with turbine manufacturers and conducting regular inspections.

Our technical managers perform surveillance, control, monitoring and inspections of the facilities. They also oversee compliance with regulatory conditions, environmental requirements, and health and safety standards. In addition, we have operations economists who handle accounting records, financial reporting, lease payments, insurance matters and electricity certificate reporting to create a problem-free ownership experience for our customers.

Read more about our Asset Management services here.

Our passionate Offshore team focuses on offshore opportunities for wind power projects. Regardless of whether this concerns our own visionary projects or collaborations with other developers, we create a powerful presence in Sweden and Finland. We shape utility-scale wind farms along the coasts of Sweden, Finland, the Baltics and Poland, where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

At Eolus Offshore, we are mapping a course toward a renewable future at sea.

Explore our offshore projects.

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We believe our vision of a renewable future where everyone can lead a fulfilling, yet sustainable life will be fulfilled through forward thinking and visionary ideas. If you also want to shape the future, please get in touch with us. We would love to meet you.

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At Eolus, our specialists team cooperates seamlessly across departments to offer specialist expertise to project managers at every stage of project development. Whether it concerns permits, complicated maps or detailed documentation, our specialists act as experts in the projects and contribute to their success.

At Eolus, sustainability is part of the organization that supports the integration of all sustainability topics into the company – our backbone on the journey toward a responsible and long-term future. It is not enough for us to know that our projects contribute to a renewable future – we want sustainability to permeate every aspect of our operations and ensure that Eolus is a driving force in the energy transition. Through our deeply rooted commitment, our aim is for every step we take to lead to a more aware and robust tomorrow.

Read more about our approach to sustainability here.

The finance and economy functions deal with everything related to the company’s and the facilities’ economy.  This includes accounting and administration, financial control, financing and the consolidated financial statements. Our operations economists, part of EWPM, take care of the farms’ economy, accounts, reporting and payments.

Our HR department spearheads our efforts to achieve a harmonious work environment where involvement and a sense of belonging flourish. Through dedicated initiatives, their work spans Eolus’s operations throughout Europe, and they create a work environment where well-being and ambition thrive.

Focusing on recruitment and strategic personnel development, they steer Eolus to become an exciting and interesting employer, with extensive opportunities for growth and success.

The Communications department weaves together different threads of our operations into various forms of communication, ranging from internal and external communication channels, financial communication and project communication to opinion-forming and brand development.

Through our communications, Eolus gains a visible presence that reflects our dedication, energy and sense of delight, and tells our history to the world.

Eolus’s IT department acts as our digital anchor, playing a central role in guaranteeing our security and efficiency in a modern work environment. Through continuous innovation and technical expertise, our digital landscape is optimized to enable seamless interaction with the programs and conditions that are critical for our successful journey.


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