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Eolus’s operations reach far beyond Sweden’s borders. We are developing projects in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, Poland, the US and Spain.

Eolus is determined to drive the development of sustainable energy and create a more sustainable future for generations to come. With our extensive experience, technical expertise and passion for renewable energy, we remain a reliable partner when it comes to meeting the world’s growing energy demand in a responsible manner.


Eolus is making its mark on Sweden’s wind power landscape. We have built approximately 13% of Sweden’s wind turbines, and roughly half of our total project portfolio is currently in Sweden. Here in our home country, we have created a stable base, where the majority of our offices and dedicated employees are located.


Our largest market is also where we have roots and our history – in Sweden. At the end of 2022, Swedish projects accounted for a full 43% of our project portfolio. With a total capacity of 9,562 MW, we have a balanced portfolio, with 90% onshore and offshore wind power and 10% solar power.

sötterfällan wind farm, sweden

Our global journey has taken us to exciting horizons and a significant share of our project portfolio is in the US, our second largest market. Here our projects are creating a range of sustainable opportunities.

Our journey in the US began in 2015, and at the end of 2022, one-quarter of our project portfolio was in the US. Solar, wind and battery storage each account for an equal share of the project portfolio, and our focus lies on the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Washington and New Mexico in the western US region. 


Eolus has conducted operations in Finland for several years. Led by our local Country Manager, we have built up a strong Finnish organization in recent years. The main focus of the Finnish project portfolio is on offshore wind power, though we are also developing onshore wind power in various parts of the country. 

wind wall, california

Eolus has been active in Poland since 2021, and in just a short time, we have built up a considerable project portfolio and a strong organization under the leadership of a Country Manager. Most of the project portfolio comprises solar projects, but we also have some early-phase onshore wind projects. We develop projects both on our own and together with some strategic and long-term business partners. We are also participating in state contract processes for offshore wind power.

The Baltics

Eolus has been active in the Baltics for more than a decade and established wind turbines in Estonia. In 2022, we bolstered our resources by employing a new Head of Baltics and several other employees in Latvia. The project portfolio comprises onshore wind farms.


In Spain, Eolus currently has a hybrid project for 750 MW of wind and solar. Project development is managed by our Swedish organization.


Eolus has developed two large wind power projects in Norway: Stigafjellet, which was completed in 2020, and Øyfjellet, which was completed at the end of 2022. Project development in Norway is managed by our Swedish organization.

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