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Health and Safety

Our goal is that everyone working for the company should have a safe and healthy work environment. We have a zero-accident vision for both our own employees and for contractors and partners. Eolus evaluates health and safety risks continuously to identify any measures that are required to prevent illness or accidents.

The aim of our work with health and safety is to create a physically and mentally sound workplace where managers, employees and occupational health and safety (OHS) officers work together. The aim is to prevent the risk of occupational injuries and work-related illness, as well as pollution and environmentally harmful emissions.

Construction of Stor-Skälsjön Wind Farm in Sundsvall, Sweden
Construction Phase Risks

Risks in connection with the construction of energy farms are mainly linked to a safe and healthy work environment and environmental damage, such as oil spills from machinery. Eolus has established minimum requirements for workplace health and safety that apply to all contractors who perform work on behalf of the company. These comprise a joint platform for safety measures. In addition to these, health and safety measures are aligned with the applicable laws in each country and local conditions.

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