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Various forms of energy storage will become an increasingly important part of the power system as the share of wind and solar power rises. Storage can use a variety of different technologies and use both utility-scale and small-scale solutions.

Given that solar and wind power are dependent on weather conditions to generate electricity, production can vary over time. Energy storage makes it possible to store surplus energy that is generated during periods of high production and use this energy when production is lower, or when demand exceeds generation. By implementing energy storage systems, Eolus can ensure that energy from wind and solar can be stored and used efficiently when needed, which contributes to a more reliable and sustainable energy future. This also makes it possible to reduce fossil-fuel use and support the transition to a renewable-energy-efficient future.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) stores surplus energy
Responsible Supply-Chain

Eolus procures the battery energy systems from leading suppliers, since we don’t have own production of energy facilities. As the extraction and refining of raw materials required to produce the batteries in battery energys storage systems is an area with identified risks of human rights violations and adverse environmental impacts, we have implemented a rigorous due diligence process to evaluate our suppliers. We are also evaluating different alternatives to join forces with other companies in the sector to contribute to develop the value chain for batteries.  

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