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Who we are

A hundred years ago we were two billion people on the planet and the most common form of communication was the newspaper. Today we are four times as many. Information is digital and travels at the speed of light, making modern life both complex and exciting. The world is changing faster than ever before.

So is Eolus.

Back in 1990 we were just an idea. A vision of a renewable future – a tomorrow independent of fossil fuels where sustainability and growth could co-exist. Where everyone would lead a fulfilling, yet sustainable life. Today, three decades later, Eolus has over 100 employees and activities across Europe and North America. We have come a long way.

We still envision a future where you can lead a good life within the planetary boundaries. And we strongly believe the best way to do so is by providing innovative and customized energy solutions. Wind, solar or new technologies – we don’t know exactly how to get there. What we know is that
the future is renewable.

And we know where we are coming from. Big innovations are always built on smaller ideas, and to accomplish great results you need to take tiny steps along the way. Like we did at the start. Like we do today. Small actions can make a big difference and it always starts with one person trusting another.

That’s why we believe all business is local. That’s why we are both big and small. That’s how we are shaping the future of renewable energy.

Who are we?

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