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At Eolus, we envision a future where everyone can lead a good life within the planetary boundaries. We are convinced that the answer to this lies in our fundamental business idea: to create value at every stage of development, construction, and operation of renewable energy solutions, enabling sustainable investments for both local and international partners.

This means that Eolus’ business idea and core operations contribute to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, EU’s climate targets, and the transition to a fossil-free electricity system. Whether it’s wind, solar, or other energy sources is of less significance. But we know that the future is renewable.

Sustainability is a core part of Eolus' operations
Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability shall always be at the core of our daily operations at Eolus. By harvesting the power of wind and sun we are already contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change – but we can do and will do more.

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To fulfil our vision of a renewable future, where everyone can lead a fulfilling, yet sustainable life, we need to actively work to reduce the climate impact of our operations.

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Climate change is one of the main drivers for biodiversity loss, and therefore, both issues must be addressed simultaneously.

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Community Engagement

Since the establishment of wind and solar projects cause a change in the local area, we need to have open and transparent dialogues with people who live and work in the area and find ways to contribute to local development.

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Supplier and Partner Dialogues

Through our supply chain, we affect both people and the environment locally as well as globally. That is why we make demands on our suppliers and strive for long-term business relationships.

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Our Employees and our Company Culture

Our dedicated employees are a valuable asset for Eolus, and drive the development of our projects. We want to be an attractive employer and therefore focus on knowledge, development and working environment.

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Since Eolus relies on natural resources to establish renewable energy facilities, we have a crucial role to play in society's transition to a circular economy.

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Sustainability Contacts

Karin Wittsell Heydl

Head of Communications, IT, Sustainability

karin.heydl@eolus.com +46 76 116 71 99

Sigrid Carstairs

Sustainability Specialist

sigrid.carstairs@eolus.com +46 70 284 48 07

Anna Sundström

Sustainability Specialist

anna.sundstrom@eolus.com +46 761 31 05 50

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