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Project Investors

Eolus has extensive experience and trusting relationships with customers and investors thanks to our complete business model and ability to adapt to market requirements. We have built up expertise and strong financial resources in wind power, solar power and energy storage, which makes us a reliable partner. We offer facilities that suit each customer’s needs at competitive costs.

Our customer base has evolved and now includes mainly international institutional investors and major consumers – customers who want to be part of shaping the renewable energy of the future and contribute to a sustainable transition.

Institutional investors focus on long-term investments in renewable energy to ensure stable returns and reliable transactions.

Major consumers often choose long-term Power Purchase Agreements to support green energy without owning the facilities themselves.

Energy companies see the potential of wind and solar power investments to increase their generation capacity and to offer green energy to their customers.

Public-sector investors, such as municipalities and regions, invest in renewable electricity generation to promote sustainable development.

Eolus has previously sold shares in wind turbines to consumers and companies, but now focuses primarily on larger projects. However, we are still open to reintroducing shared-ownership projects in the future if appropriate. 

Construction of Stor-Skälsjön wind farm, sundsvall sweden
Partners and Stakeholders

In an ever-evolving market, adaptability is key. Eolus is agile, poised to respond swiftly to market fluctuations and conditions. We’re not just thinking about today, but always looking ahead to anticipate the opportunities that tomorrow holds.

We believe our stakeholders chose Eolus for a reason. It’s not just our decades of experience; it’s our ability to transform visions into tangible, commercially viable projects. Together, let’s shape a sustainable future that’s as financially sound as it is environmentally responsible.

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Interested in which projects we currently have under construction? Visit out projects page and find out more.

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