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Material Topics

To develop an understanding of which sustainability aspects that are important for our stakeholders, and therefore for Eolus, materiality analyses are regularly conducted. These have their base in conducting stakeholder dialogues.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Through continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, we gain an understanding of what is expected of Eolus in terms of sustainability – what is important for our stakeholders, how our operations affect them, and how we can collectively address common challenges. These dialogues take place in various forums, typically in meetings regarding sustainability-related issues, but also in connection with industry-related forums and events.

Materiality Analysis

Eolus’ sustainability strategy is based in the material topics deemed essential for the company. Our most recent materiality analysis was conducted in 2022, where we performed the analysis according to the principles of double materiality, meaning we considered both the impact of the company on the world and how the world impacts the company.

The sustainability topics that we have identified as material for Eolus are visualized below:

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