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Eolus Applies for Wind Power with Local Benefits in Herrljunga

Today, Eolus has submitted an application for an environmental permit for the Kesemossen wind farm, located approximately three kilometers west of Ljung in Herrljunga municipality. With five wind turbines, the park is estimated to produce 135 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual household electricity needs of around 27,000 villas.

“This project has very favorable conditions and is unique in several ways,” says project manager Emma Lundström.
In addition to excellent wind conditions and unusually few conflicts of interest in the area, there is an engaged group of local landowners passionate about the project. They have negotiated a one-time compensation that will be distributed to nearby residents. Furthermore, Eolus promises annual community funds for the development of local nature and culture, as well as a compensation model for those living closest to the wind turbines.
“It feels good that all the landowners are local and very concerned about the development of the area. Since it is such a good project in many ways, there is also an economic margin that we can share,” says Emma Lundström.

It has been just over a year since Eolus held consultations with the public to gather data for the environmental impact assessment included in the application.
“We have conducted thorough surveys of wildlife and nature, and investigations related to the living environment, and feel confident in applying for the environmental permit,” says Emma Lundström.

The Västra Götaland region is in great need of fossil-free electricity to enable the transition that the industrial and transport sectors are currently undergoing. This transition is necessary both to reduce climate impact and to ensure that companies can compete globally. The Kesemossen wind farm could become an important part of a renewable future.

The application for the environmental permit for the wind farm has been submitted to the Land and Environmental Court at Vänersborg District Court, where the environmental review process now begins. If the Kesemossen wind farm is granted a permit, it is estimated that it can be built and operational by 2028/2029. The application comprises several hundred pages, and the main application and environmental impact assessment with a technical description include 15 appendices: noise, shadow, and visibility studies, reports from three years of bird inventories, an archaeological investigation, landscape image analysis, bat surveys from breeding and migration periods, and a natural value inventory, among others – all in accordance with Swedish environmental legislation requirements.

Project Summary
Name: Kesemossen Wind Farm
Number of turbines: max 5
Project area: approx. 2 km²
Total height: max 300 m
Estimated annual electricity production: 135 GWh
Planned operational start: 2029

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