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Eolus commits to the protection of the Baltic Sea

In a new cooperation with the Baltic Sea Action Group, Eolus has defined four goals which confirms Eolus’ ambitions to develop offshore wind in a manner that considers the sensitive Baltic Sea environment. The commitment applies to all Eolus’ offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea and covers the period 2022-2025.

The Baltic Sea is a globally unique marine area because it is low in salinity and quite shallow, it is also partly covered with ice every winter. The Baltic Sea is also a closed off area and is therefore more vulnerable to impacts caused by human activities. All these aspects are important to consider as Eolus is developing several offshore wind energy projects in the Baltic Sea, currently in Swedish and in Finnish waters, as well as evaluating opportunities in Poland and the Baltics.

The cooperation includes three of the offshore wind projects that Eolus has under development in the Swedish parts of the Baltic Sea: Najaderna outside of Gävle, Skidbladner 100 km southeast of Stockholm and Herkules 60 km southeast of Gotland. In Finland, Eolus is developing two offshore wind projects, Wellamo 90 kilometres west of Pori and Tuulia 30 kilometres west of Merikarvia.

Skidbladner, Herkules and Wellamo are floating wind projects and developed in cooperation with Simply Blue Group. Najaderna and Tuulia are planned to be bottom-fixed foundations due to shallower water depths. All projects have already started with, or will soon start, the Environmental Impact Assessment process.

Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is a non-profit foundation working to save the Baltic Sea and is taking actions to restore its ecological balance. Through the new cooperation Eolus will support the work of the BSAG.

The wellbeing of the Baltic Sea is essential to all the societies surrounding it. As an offshore wind developer, we carry a great responsibility in planning our actions in a way that takes the sensitive Baltic Sea environment into consideration. I look forward to implementing our commitment and to learn more about this unique marine area”, says Anu Vaahtera, Offshore Project Manager at Eolus Finland.

Eolus commits to work towards the protection of the Baltic Sea through the following goals:

Goal 1: Eolus works to identify and minimize the effects of seabed construction on underwater marine life at the wind turbine foundations, around ​​cable corridors and landing points. Environmental aspects play a significant role in all decision-making, including the selection of business partners and suppliers.

Goal 2: Eolus works to increase knowledge and public awareness of (1) the effects of offshore wind power construction on the marine environments, (2) the possibilities to manage the effects in the best way, and (3) the positive impact of renewables to the Baltic Sea.

Goal 3: Eolus works to minimize the environmental impacts of maritime traffic during the development, construction, and operation of the offshore wind farms.

Goal 4: Eolus participates in projects and activities which contribute to the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea.

“We are implementing processes and practical tools to integrate sustainability further into our renewable energy projects. The Baltic Sea Commitment is a solid step forward in developing our approach for sustainable project development in the marine environment. The implementation of the commitment will be a learning process for Eolus and the expert organisations involved in it. Therefore, the contents and the KPIs will be further specified,” says Sigrid Carstairs, Sustainability Coordinator at Eolus.

The Eolus Commitment for the Baltic Sea can be found on the website.

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