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Eolus is looking for two thesis workers in Finland for 2024 as part of our Baltic Sea commitment

Increased understanding of the impacts from offshore wind power is needed when planning offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea. This Baltic Sea commitment grant is limited to students studying at a Finnish higher education institution.

Eolus, a Nordic renewable energy developer, is committed to protecting the Baltic Sea. In our Baltic Sea commitment, we aim to identify and minimize impacts on underwater marine ecosystems from the development, construction, and operation of offshore wind power. Eolus also aims to increase knowledge and awareness about the impacts of offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea. In Finland, Eolus is developing two offshore wind power projects, Navakka and Wellamo, which are located in the Bothnian Sea in Finland’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

We are now looking for two thesis workers for this year

The two themes have been defined through collaboration with research organizations and the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) as being topics that require further study when building offshore wind power in the environment of the Baltic Sea. The themes for 2024 are:

  1. Underwater noise in a natural environment from operating offshore wind power
  2. Ecological compensation methods on land and at sea – feasibility and impacts

Instructions for applicants

Eolus has gathered data from offshore wind power project areas that can be used in the theses as applicable. Applicants can further specify the topic and scope of their work within the given theme. Our wish is that the natural environment potentially studied as part of the thesis is located north of the Åland Islands in the Gulf of Bothnia.

The applicant must be a student at a Finnish higher education institution. The language of the thesis is English. The thesis worker will be paid compensation of €9,000 in at least two instalments. The compensation will be paid as trade income. Thesis workers will not be employed by Eolus, but will sign a commission agreement with Eolus for the thesis. Work on the thesis can take 3–6 months.

To apply, submit a preliminary research plan on the chosen topic and a one-page CV to essi.tikkanen@eolusvind.com by March 29, 2024. The research plan should be a maximum of four pages and include, at a minimum, a goal and schedule for the work, preliminary research questions, and your chosen research method with justification for the choice. In addition, your educational institution must name an advisor for the thesis. Eolus will provide guidance on the thesis’ content based on our expertise in offshore wind power.

If your thesis seminar is only due to begin in the Autumn, you can still submit a proposal as long as you intend to begin work on the thesis during this calendar year.

Selection will be made by Eolus’ expert panel by April 12, 2024, and applicants will be notified on the selection separately.

If you have any questions, please contact us at essi.tikkanen@eolusvind.com

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