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Eolus is granted permission to build two solar parks

The county administrative boards in Örebro and Halland county have approved Eolus’ applications to establish two solar parks in the municipalities of Örebro and Laholm.

Södra Valla in Örebro, in bidding area SE3, is 38 hectares and can produce an installed effect of 37 MW with a yearly production of 40 GWh.

The other project, Säbyholm, located in Laholms municipality, is in bidding area SE4. With a total area of 72 hectares, the solar park can create space for 51 MW solar cells and produce 61 GWh per year.

– It’s very exciting that the county administrative boards are positive to the placement of these parks and that we are given the opportunity to contribute with new energy where it is needed the most, in bidding areas 3 and 4, says Emil Nordström, Business Development Manager at Eolus.

The energy produced from the two solar parks are estimated to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions with approximately 40 000 tons per year. This according to calculations from Energiforsk* which show that the production of 1 MWh solar energy in Sweden is the equivalent of reducing fossil energy production with approximately 400 kg.

* https://energiforsk.se/program/solel/rapporter/utbyggnad-av-solel-i-sverige-2017-376/

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